[pacman-dev] perl repo stuff

Charles Mauch cmauch at gmail.com
Tue Nov 14 17:11:06 EST 2006

Just thought I'd drop a note in here regarding some updates I've made to
the perl repo.

Today I squashed what I hope is the last bug in the build process.  It's
been semi-reliable for a while, but often seemed to require babysitting.

If it makes it through tonight's build without errors (which i exect), I'm
going to turn off the last human-checking mechanism I have in the process (
committing changes via svn to the repo ) to the script.

Some notes on convention I've come up with, that maybe others might find

Some packages come from CPAN without a good description.  Also, I found 
that including the actual CPAN module name in the description helps when
searching.  So all package descriptions are prefixed with the 'normal' perl
module name.  EG:

Module::Foo:Bar - A perl module description from upstream

I've also modified the wikipage somewhat so that less user-submitted
modules are processed.  I keep a local list handy which is used to seed the
build process with modules that (I think) should be a part of the repo.
This means that modules on this private list can't be removed at whim by a
user mucking with the wiki.  Eventually, it would be nice to have modules
on this private list incorporated back into [community] or [extra].

I'm still working on a process to merge both lists so that dependencies
from one list don't bleed into the other.

But in any case, I'm hopeful that by the end of the week at latest the
entire thing should be mostly self-maintaining.

Take it easy, Charles

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