[pacman-dev] Time for changes

Christian Hamar krics at gds.hu
Thu Oct 5 16:30:46 EDT 2006

> I will go through and determine exactly which files are patched by
> you, and apply the authors name to the copyright in CVS.  This will
> waste my time, sure.  If you guys would like, you can feel free to
> waive your rights on existing code in CVS, giving copyright ownership
> to Judd, though I doubt you'd do that.

Hey there.

Oops. Please if not so hard, then please apply me too if you see my name
at patches :)

I'm not a live-for-a-copyright-line-which-contain-my-name man, but if
this will reviewed in patches then will good to see my name too in CVS.

Thx for that.

btw i dont want to talk in this copyright discussion, because i'm not a
lawyer and not want to talk anything in this theme. :)

Christian Hamar alias krix

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