[pacman-dev] Problems with frugalware splitname changes

Christian Hamar krics at gds.hu
Sun Oct 8 08:11:12 EDT 2006

2006. 10. 8, vasárnap keltezéssel 06.21-kor Aaron Griffin ezt írta:
> On 10/8/06, Jason Chu <jason at archlinux.org> wrote:
> > Instead of checking for /etc/arch-release or /etc/frugalware-release,
> > why not make it an autoconf option?  --with-arch-in-filename or
> > something...
> That would work too, but I would feel more comfortable with the
> on-the-fly parsing.  I mean, if we decide we want to have the arch
> name in the file name at a later date, this would allow us to make
> changes a few packages at a time without breaking things in the least.

Hey there. Please see TODO.autoconf part libalpm and codechanges "topic"

I added that line about configure and config.h detection for this.

Now the main idea was create some "schema"-based stuff, where we store
all values for each distributions. Like how pkg filename will look,
whats the cachedir, whats  the pkgext, etc.. And then we can do a
--with-distro=archlinux --with-distro=frugalware or

For new distros wants to use pacman as pkgmanager it is good, because
ina schema-based system he can fill out or add files for pacman and can
use it with care.

I dunno how can be this done in coding, 'cause i not worked on this atm.

But if its good idea and fine, then maybe the schema-based / autoconf
options will do the work no ?

And all specific distro changes contained by one file like:
distros/archlinux.h distros/frugalware.h etc.

Christian Hamar alias krix

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