[pacman-dev] Things to iron out

Christian Hamar alias krix krics at gds.hu
Tue Oct 17 06:47:18 EDT 2006

> ** Anything else? I'd like to hear any outstanding issues the
> Frugalware peeps have.

Hey. Just a notice again. There is a problem with libarchive when you
compile with ACL support on. As i see latest libarchive still NOT got
any --disable-acl option and it detects automatically that have ACL on
the system or NOT. This is not good for pacman, because if libarchive
was linked with ACL (dunno how to detect this from configure.ac :S )
then you need some flags like -lacl for pacman compile :S

Which is not the main problem. The main problem that i cant determine
how libarchive was compiled. with acl or without acl. 

This can cause problem on archlinux, because there is no way (at this
time) to create packages in a chroot env. At us this is not a main
primary problem, because we use chroot and when compiling libarchive /
pacman we dont ship ACL packages into it, then libarchive cannot link to

So any suggestion to solve this ? At last we need to detect in pacman's
configure.ac that libarchive was linked with ACL or without. If yes put
-lacl into FLAGS if not then not put -lacl.


Christian Hamar alias krix
Frugalware Development Team

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