[pacman-dev] perl module repo

Charles Mauch cmauch at taclug.org
Tue Oct 17 23:48:14 EDT 2006

Just thought I'd drop a note in here.  After quite a bit of hacking on
cpan4pacman and my own perl scripts, I've finally been able to put together
a repository of perl modules which solve many of the problems I mentioned
earlier perl-module whine-o-rama. :)

Shadowhand was gracious enough to allow me to host an external version of
this repository on his box.


The build process is fairly error-free at this point, though it took more
than a week of hacking to get it error-free. :)

The process works something like this....

1.  Every night my cpan modules list is updated via a cron job.
2.  About 30 minutes later, I scrape the above url for modules to build.
3.  If there is a difference between the cpan module version and the repo
    version, the module is built, and a build-report is generated.
4a. The next morning I commit any changes to the repo via svn.
4b. I have code ready to auto-commit changes to the repo, but I'd like
    let things run for a week or two before I allow the script to bypass
    the last vestiges of human control of the process. :)

Before I make any real annoucements on the BBS, I was wondering if a few
of you could subscribe to the repo and let me know that it seems to be
working okay.  It works fine *for me*, but that does not mean this process
or the repo itself is robust enough for general use.  I need beta testers!

It will be great to see cpan or cpanplus integrated into pacman, but I
think this works as a great near-term solution or a long-term alternative.

Take it easy, Charles

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