[pacman-dev] cvs unusable on x86_64

Christian Hamar alias krix krics at gds.hu
Wed Oct 25 07:41:56 EDT 2006

> still segfaults. i would suggest asking a shell access from an Arch64
> dev, i neither have such a machine phisically. anyway here is the
> commandline to reproduce the issue:
> vmiklos at helicon:~/darcs/pacman/src/pacman$ sudo rm -f
> /var/cache/pacman/pkg/vim* /tmp/pacman.lck; sudo ./pacman -Sw vim
> --noconfirm
> resolving dependencies... done.
> Targets: vim-7.0-2
> Total Package Size:   5.0 MB
> Total Uncompressed Package Size:   16.3 MB
> Beginning download...
> :: Retrieving packages from frugalware-current...
> Internal pacman error: Segmentation fault00:00:00 [
> ]   0%
> Please submit a full bug report, with the given package if appropriate.

Strange. I did some work at this code. I found one thing only which will
be x86_64 specific. In pacman.c there is a callback point (as i remember
it was in pacman.c :) ) which got some : (long)log_progress()

Actually in download.c (and in.h) the log_progress function is 

int log_progress(...)

I tried to change from int -> long in download.c and .h to see that
cause the problem or not. No, that wasnt :) (as you know on x86_64 int
and long matters, because of size difference)

So the problem still exists. I catched up some backtrace with the not
debug binary pacman and seems that it segfaults at FtpRead() function.

That is strange too. 

A notice for this, the main progressbar moves to some ~5 or 10% and
crashing after that. So it will be some magic buffer overrun
somewhere :S 

Still i will work on it (cause i got x86_64 machine) and maybe see what
i can do. 


Christian Hamar alias krix

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