[pacman-dev] Future pacman development (3.2/4.0)

eliott eliott at cactuswax.net
Fri Aug 31 22:44:55 EDT 2007

> i think this is related. okay, probably you are not familiar with the
> not-so-recent history of libalpm. i wanted the download code to be in
> the lib, but when i submitted the patch then Aurel rejected it. then
> later Aaron merged it. i mentioned this because we're talking about what
> should be in libalpm and what not. originally Aurel said no for both
> the download code and the config parser. later Aaron merged both. now it
> seems that the config parser move is reverted. how mentioning the
> 'revert of the download code move' is unrelated?

Ahh. Thanks for the background.
Indeed, I did not know the history.

Also, sorry if I came off a bit 'pissy'. I reread what I wrote and it
wasn't as 'conversational' as it probably should have been.

I do think (this is my opinion) that the parser and download code
should be external to the libalpm library, in libraries of their own
if need be, which pacman (and other front ends) can easily utilize.

I suppose it is a bit of 'bikeshedding', talking about where I think
the api should live....

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