[pacman-dev] pacman translations

Sergej Pupykin ps at lx-ltd.ru
Wed Feb 7 13:23:09 EST 2007

 RK> UTF-8 is OK. I only asked if there is a possibility to have two man
 RK> and po versions for some languages - UTF-8 and non-UTF-8. I think for
 RK> man pages it is possible by putting them in corresponding /usr/man
 RK> dirs (for example there are ru, ru.KOI8-R and ru.UTF-8 in /usr/man),
 RK> the same can be done for .mo files, I think.
 RK> Of course all this is quite odd. I would like all other encodings to
 RK> disappear ASAP.

For man it is simplier to edit man.conf and put "iconv -f utf8 -t
<locale-cp>" call into it. So I think man in utf8 is enough. Don't know
about po...

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