[pacman-dev] Bug #5775

eliott at cactuswax.net eliott at cactuswax.net
Thu Feb 8 11:28:34 EST 2007

> My last debug report was done with rc9. I can reproduce it with any
> version.
> Last time I reproduced it on a freshly installed 0.8beta1, synced
> Current from ~10 days old full local mirror and repeated all steps as
> in my last debug report.
> Are you sure you did pacman -S _exactly_ as in my report and with
> clean Current db?
> Anyway please diff your debug output with mine.
> If you want I can reproduce the same steps on new real machine at my work.

The bug report was a bit hard to follow. I *think* I followed your steps,
but did not get the same results.

Could you possibly reply with the exact commands you used, step by step,
in a very simple layout?


1. pacman -S foox blah foo
2. pacman -Rs foox blah foo
3. pacman -S foo
<note the breakage>
4. profit?

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