[pacman-dev] needless ldconfig

Alex Smith alex at alex-smith.me.uk
Tue Feb 27 10:59:03 EST 2007

Nagy Gabor wrote:
> That is terrible, that pacman does ldconfig always.
> A NOLDCONFIG flag would be nice (and easy to implement) somewhere
> in .PKGINFO. These solution would be compatible with older packeges
> (because ldconfig is still the default), however we can radically speed
> up for example -R in the case of packages where no ldconfig is needed.
> Bye, Nagy Gabor

CMIIW, but wouldn't adding an extra check be slower? I mean, most 
packages need an ldconfig anyway. In most cases, the ldconfig would be 
necessary, in which case the check for ldconfig would make it slower

Alex Smith
Frugalware Linux developer - http://www.frugalware.org

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