[pacman-dev] makepkg changes

Dan McGee dpmcgee at gmail.com
Sat Jun 2 11:56:49 EDT 2007

This is mostly directed towards Andrew's makepkg branch changes, with
some suggestions/comments.

First, I cherry-picked your "scripts/makepkg.in: Move the remaining
stages into functions." commit, and noticed a ton of whitespace issues
with it. I fixed them before committing to my tree. Try to make sure
in the future you don't use spaces instead of tabs. There is a vim
modeline at the bottom, if you are using another editor that has the
same capability feel free to add your modeline.

* scripts/makepkg.in: Remove chown root from extract_sources(). - I'm
not sure if I want to pull this in yet, as reading I found that the
--no-same-owner flag is non-portable. In addition, it seems to have an
awful lot of whitespace adjusting.

* scripts/makepkg.in: Rewrite check_{options,buildenv} to tidy them
up. - A lot of the changes were just changing "y" to 'y'- is this
really necessary? In addition, watch the whitespace issues. This one
is probably good for inclusion after the above things are reviewed

* scripts/makepkg.in: Clean up - Any way you can split this one into
the two separate issues it fixes, and make sure whitespace changes
aren't creeping in.

If you could rebase all of these off my makepkg branch, that would be
awesome. And if there are any other patches I've missed that I haven't
already pulled, then let me know that too. I was having to cherry-pick
most of these in order to keep a relatively clean history.


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