[pacman-dev] makepkg changes

Andrew Fyfe andrew at neptune-one.net
Sat Jun 2 13:11:13 EDT 2007

Sorry about the whitespace junk, I thought I had fixed vim but it's 
still ignoring the modeline.

I've rebased the patches of your makepkg branch.

Dan McGee wrote:
> This is mostly directed towards Andrew's makepkg branch changes, with
> some suggestions/comments.
> First, I cherry-picked your "scripts/makepkg.in: Move the remaining
> stages into functions." commit, and noticed a ton of whitespace issues
> with it. I fixed them before committing to my tree. Try to make sure
> in the future you don't use spaces instead of tabs. There is a vim
> modeline at the bottom, if you are using another editor that has the
> same capability feel free to add your modeline.
> * scripts/makepkg.in: Remove chown root from extract_sources(). - I'm
> not sure if I want to pull this in yet, as reading I found that the
> --no-same-owner flag is non-portable. In addition, it seems to have an
> awful lot of whitespace adjusting.
I've removed the --no-same-owner change and kept the clean up.
> * scripts/makepkg.in: Rewrite check_{options,buildenv} to tidy them
> up. - A lot of the changes were just changing "y" to 'y'- is this
> really necessary? In addition, watch the whitespace issues. This one
> is probably good for inclusion after the above things are reviewed
> though.
Fixed the whitespace junk, sorry. Removed the "y" => 'y' (I was being a 
bit anal :p).
> * scripts/makepkg.in: Clean up - Any way you can split this one into
> the two separate issues it fixes, and make sure whitespace changes
> aren't creeping in.
Still need to do this one.

> If you could rebase all of these off my makepkg branch, that would be
> awesome. And if there are any other patches I've missed that I haven't
> already pulled, then let me know that too. I was having to cherry-pick
> most of these in order to keep a relatively clean history.
> -Dan
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