[pacman-dev] What I'm working on- feedback welcome

Dan McGee dpmcgee at gmail.com
Mon Jun 4 13:09:08 EDT 2007

I've got quite a few branches going on my GIT tree at the moment, and
I'd appreciate any feedback from some of you on the list. They are all
accessible here: http://code.toofishes.net/gitweb.cgi.

* alpm.c_cleanup- move all of the alpm_pkg functions to package.c,
alpm_db functions to db.c, etc. Basically put things where they
logically belong leaving only the library initialization functions in
alpm.c. This is ready to merge; I'm waiting because it could
potentially break a lot for anyone else that has something that
touched this file.

* alpm_list_speed- this was just a test branch to see how much we were
losing in efficiency by not having O(1) access to both ends of a list.
Answer: a lot. pacman -Qo operations are a lot faster on this branch.
However, this isn't meant for merge, it was more of a quick hack-job.

* db_test- Add a pacman -Qt operation which tests the integrity of
your database; ported over from the Frugalware pacman-g2.

* frontend_config- move the pacman.conf parsing to the frontend where
it belongs. Move a few pacman-only settings out of the library. In
general, try to clean up where options and configs are stored.

* gettext- gettext the remaining scripts in the scripts/ directory.
I've had these patches sitting around for a while but never got them
applied. Ready to be merged.

* working- remove some hardcoded paths from the pacman binary, making
everything configurable at runtime instead of compile time through
pacman.conf. This means the only path now hardcoded into the pacman
binary is that to pacman.conf, and no paths are compiled into libalpm.

As I said, feedback on any of these is welcome and appreciated.


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