[pacman-dev] How does pacman fetch the PKGINFO files for all packages during a --refresh operation

Dag Odenhall dag.odenhall at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 09:09:13 EDT 2007

On Tuesday 05 June 2007 14:48:17 Bozhidar Batsov wrote:
> I want to proof my thesis that C# is very capable for Linux development
> and can handle any project without sacrificing neither speed  nor power.

You know pacman uses a library backend called libalpm you could create 
bindings to C# for, to ease your development? I do not think it would be 
against your goal as the Linux way is to reuse existing code and libraries 
wherever possible - thus it would prove your thesis even further and show 
that C# is capable to adhere to this philosophy aswell.

It could also be useful for others wanting to make use of libalpm with C# if 
you released your bindings. Ask not what Linux can do for you but what you 
can do for Linux! ;-)

(Or, if you really wish to code everything from scratch in C#, it would also 
be neat if you implement it like pacman with a backend library and a frontend 
client, and open source'd it.)

Just my two cents.

Dag Odenhall <xmpp:dag.odenhall at jabber.se>
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