[pacman-dev] How does pacman fetch the PKGINFO files for all packages during a --refresh operation

Bozhidar Batsov lordbad at e-card.bg
Tue Jun 5 09:25:28 EDT 2007

Dag Odenhall wrote:
> On Tuesday 05 June 2007 14:48:17 Bozhidar Batsov wrote:
>> I want to proof my thesis that C# is very capable for Linux development
>> and can handle any project without sacrificing neither speed  nor power.
> You know pacman uses a library backend called libalpm you could create 
> bindings to C# for, to ease your development? I do not think it would be 
> against your goal as the Linux way is to reuse existing code and libraries 
> wherever possible - thus it would prove your thesis even further and show 
> that C# is capable to adhere to this philosophy aswell.
> It could also be useful for others wanting to make use of libalpm with C# if 
> you released your bindings. Ask not what Linux can do for you but what you 
> can do for Linux! ;-)
> (Or, if you really wish to code everything from scratch in C#, it would also 
> be neat if you implement it like pacman with a backend library and a frontend 
> client, and open source'd it.)
> Just my two cents.
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Well there already is a backend library and a console client codenamed
maelstrom. Currently it has limited functionality. It can work with
packages locally(update, freshen, remove) and currently I'm developing
the sync components for it - a finished a ftp backend library, I have to
create one for http communication as well. It understands the
pacman.conf format and in the final version I guess I'll reuse
pacman.conf itself. I hope I'd be able to show the community a working
beta by the end of the month. Some of the advanced functionality won't
be implemented by then of course but I'll do my best to rival pacman's
features and even provide a couple new... Maelstrom is of course open
source and is being developed together with a companion project -
Whirlwind, that will try to bring the synaptic functionality to arch's
community wrapped in a pretty GTK# UI.
P.S. Maelstrom started as a set of C# bindings for libapml, but soon I
decided that it would be easier for me to reimplement everything rather
than try to wrap it. The current codebase also seemed to me cluttered
and inconsistent so I took the "from scratch" approach...

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