[pacman-dev] Lock file location

Travis Willard travis at archlinux.org
Mon Jun 11 11:01:49 EDT 2007

On Mon, 11 Jun 2007 10:40:15 -0400, Dan McGee wrote
> Is this acceptable to everyone? The benefit it
> gives us is if this location is writable, the DB is surely writable 
> by the user running pacman, and we can remove the dependence on the 
> pacman user being root.

It sounds reasonable to me, but in the 10 minutes of thought I've given to it
just now, I can't visualize a case where we wouldn't need to be root when the
database needs to be locked anyway.  Locked DB generally means writing to DB,
ie adding/removing pkgs, which requires root anyways.  Am I wrong?


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