[pacman-dev] Pulled changes and other things

Dan McGee dpmcgee at gmail.com
Wed Jun 27 20:50:20 EDT 2007

I pulled in Andrew's bsdtar branch today, and Xavier's ready_to_pull
branch, so those changes have all been pushed to the al.org tree.
Thanks guys!

Other things:
1. For you guys that I am pulling GIT repos from, can you do me a
favor? I added some more descriptive tags to the GIT repo (v3.0.0)
instead of the older uglier CVS tags (R_3_0_0). If you wouldn't mind
deleting those old tags in your pushed repo, I would appreciate it so
I don't keep pulling them in. By default GIT does not push tags, but
it does pull them. I got rid of them on my public repo and the al.org
tree; if you do the same that would be awesome.
2. What is on people's minds for a 3.1 release? I don't think its too
early to start at least getting some thoughts on paper, and see what
kind of timeframe we can make for ourselves. I know at least the
following things are true- I've made a lot of changes recently and
they need some refinement, to say the least. In addition, we seem to
have a lot of outstanding libarchive issues that we should take a look
at and ensure are fixed. If we need to extend the pactest framework to
be able to test this better, then we should do that.

Thanks to everyone that has been contributing to pacman, we definitely
appreciate it, and you can see the wide variety of authors that are
now in the GIT history. Hopefully some of you will venture into the
big bad libalpm after dipping your toes in makepkg changes. It is what
I did. :)


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