[pacman-dev] Pulled changes and other things

Andrew Fyfe andrew at neptune-one.net
Thu Jun 28 04:34:28 EDT 2007

Dan McGee wrote:
> I pulled in Andrew's bsdtar branch today, and Xavier's ready_to_pull
> branch, so those changes have all been pushed to the al.org tree.
> Thanks guys!
> Other things:
> 1. For you guys that I am pulling GIT repos from, can you do me a
> favor? I added some more descriptive tags to the GIT repo (v3.0.0)
> instead of the older uglier CVS tags (R_3_0_0). If you wouldn't mind
> deleting those old tags in your pushed repo, I would appreciate it so
> I don't keep pulling them in. By default GIT does not push tags, but
> it does pull them. I got rid of them on my public repo and the al.org
> tree; if you do the same that would be awesome.
For those wondering how to remove tags from remote repos...
remove tags: git push <repo url> :tags/<tag name>
remove branches: git push <repo url> :heads/<branch name>

> 2. What is on people's minds for a 3.1 release? I don't think its too
> early to start at least getting some thoughts on paper, and see what
> kind of timeframe we can make for ourselves. I know at least the
> following things are true- I've made a lot of changes recently and
> they need some refinement, to say the least. In addition, we seem to
> have a lot of outstanding libarchive issues that we should take a look
> at and ensure are fixed. If we need to extend the pactest framework to
> be able to test this better, then we should do that.
Testing, testing, testing... :)
Pre 3.1 todos:
- Sort gettext for scripts, I think src/pacman/po should me moved into 
the main directory so we can share the translations with both pacman and 
the scripts.
- Make sure all copyrights have been updated for 2007.
- Update man pages

Bugs I think we should aim to close for 3.1...

FS#7484 - pacman clobbers directory symlinks

FS#7495 - pacman does not check dependencies in all cases

FS#7406 - NREP: umask is followed, even if nonsensical

FS#7133 - DB scanning doesn't continue when a broken entry is found
The original bug has been fixed but see Dan's last comment for another 
similar bug.

FS#3492 - pacman -U doesnt honour 'provides' or 'replaces'

FS#7415 - Pacman doesn't check for deps when installing a group

FS#7117 - Internal pacman error: Segmentation fault

FS#7247 - Pacman Segmentation Fault

FS#7525 - Permissions of .pacnew files

FS#7321 - pacman -Qcp does not display ChangeLog

FS#7182 - pacman -Q --changelog works only as root

FS#7155 - pacman failed to commit transaction (invalid or corrupted package)

FS#6804 - pacman3: irrelevant output with -Sup

FS#6437 - Pacman 3 progress bar- issue with UTF-8 chars

Fixed/Need Testing

FS#7229 - pacman installs packages in wrong order

FS#7137 - Update/pacman3 kills rc.conf
I think this is fixed now.

FS#6057 - impossible to remove package+dependencies, when it is required

FS#7240 - no /var/cache/pacman/pkg/ & /tmp fallback for pacman is unusable

FS#2898 - Using pacman for certain things in parallel

FS#6818 - unable to create empty package

Other Bugs:

FS#7416 - dependencies are not always resolved properly
This isn't a pacman bug it's an arch repo bug.

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