[pacman-dev] pacman3 Proxy Support

Georg Grabler ggrabler at gmail.com
Tue Mar 6 09:21:52 EST 2007


First of all, the fix with the proxy using Xfer command - thank you.

2nd thing is: I realized why pacman actually did not use any proxy server.

I had the http_proxy and ftp_proxy exported.
Pacman does not realize this two variables as valid proxy variables
(case sensitive in this case, FTP_PROXY, HTTP_PROXY). Most shell
programs support http_proxy and ftp_proxy as well.

What i also recognized is that a proxy server without leading http://
won't suite pacman. The connection simply times out, just using
blah.sublan.org as proxy, instead of http://blah.sublan.org. As above,
most programs support exporting a proxy wihtout http://, i simply
didn't expect this behaviour (hopefully i'm the only one who will ever
do this two mistakes at once).

Kind regards,

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