[pacman-dev] vim syntax file for PKGBUILDs

Alessio 'mOLOk' Bolognino themolok.ml at gmail.com
Sun May 6 02:33:25 EDT 2007

Hi Guys, 
I spent an insane amount of time (last night) writing this (I hope so) 
useful thing: it's a vim syntax file for PKGBUILDs, to use it you 
should put it in ~/.vim/syntax/ and add this line at the bottom 
of your ~/.vimrc: 

autocmd BufReadPost PKGBUILD  set filetype=PKGBUILD

The colors are more or less random, but it does (cool?) things like check
for wrong pkgname, pkgver, pkgrel, it complains if the pkgdesc is too
long, and other stuff.
This is my first syntax file (and I hope it'll be the last :)
I'm not a regex guru so many things could be buggy, but well, feel free
to improve it and add your name in the headers.

Here is the patch:

 contrib/PKGBUILD.vim |  245 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 1 files changed, 245 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 contrib/PKGBUILD.vim

diff --git a/contrib/PKGBUILD.vim b/contrib/PKGBUILD.vim
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..da6532a
--- /dev/null
+++ b/contrib/PKGBUILD.vim
@@ -0,0 +1,245 @@
+" Vim syntax file
+" Language:	 PKGBUILD
+" Maintainer:	Alessio 'mOLOk' Bolognino <themolok at gmail.com>
+" Last Change:	2007/05/06
+" Version Info: PKGBUILD-0.1
+" For version 5.x: Clear all syntax items
+" For version 6.x: Quit when a syntax file was already loaded
+if version < 600
+	syntax clear
+elseif exists("b:current_syntax")
+    finish
+" case on
+syn case match
+" pkgname
+" FIXME pbIllegalPkgname makes '=' a legal char in the pkgname, but it is not
+syn keyword pb_k_pkgname pkgname contained
+syn match pbValidPkgname /\([[:alnum:]]\|+\|-\|_\)*/ contained 
+syn match pbIllegalPkgname /[[:upper:]]\|[^[:alnum:]-+=_]/ contained
+syn match pbPkgnameGroup /^pkgname=.*/ contains=pbIllegalPkgname,pb_k_pkgname,pbValidPkgname
+" pkgver
+syn keyword pb_k_pkgver pkgver contained
+syn match pbValidPkgver /\([[:alnum:]]\|\.\|+\|_\)/ contained
+syn match pbIllegalPkgver /[^[:alnum:]+=\.\_]/ contained
+syn match pbPkgverGroup /^pkgver=.*/ contains=pbIllegalPkgver,pbValidPkgver,pb_k_pkgver
+" pkgrel
+syn keyword pb_k_pkgrel pkgrel contained
+syn match pbValidPkgrel /[0-9]*/ contained
+syn match pbIllegalPkgrel /[^[:alnum:]=]\|[[:alpha:]]/ contained
+syn match pbPkgrelGroup /^pkgrel=.*/ contains=pbIllegalPkgrel,pbValidPkgrel,pb_k_pkgrel
+" pkgdesc
+syn keyword pb_k_desc pkgdesc contained
+" 90 chars: 80 for description, 8 for pkgdesc and 2 for ''
+syn match pbIllegalPkgdesc /.\{90,}/ contained
+syn match pbValidPkgdesc /[^=]\.\{,80}/ contained
+syn match pbPkgdescGroup /^pkgdesc=.*/ contains=pbIllegalPkgdesc,pb_k_desc,pbValidPkgdesc
+" url
+syn keyword pb_k_url url contained
+syn match pbValidUrl /['"]*\(http\|ftp\)\:\/\/.*[[:alnum:]"']/ contained
+"syn match pbIllegalUrl /\(http\|ftp\)\:\/\/.*/ contained
+syn match pbUrlGroup /^url=.*/ contains=pbValidUrl,pb_k_url
+" license
+syn keyword pb_k_license license contained
+syn keyword pbLicense  APACHE CDDL EPL FDL GPL LGPL MPL PHP RUBY ZLIB  contained
+syn match pbLicenseCustom /custom\(:[[:alnum:]]*\)*/ contained
+"syn match pbValidLicense /[^=][('")]*/  contained
+"syn match pbLicenseGroup /^license=.*/ contains=pb_k_license,pbLicense,pbValidLicense,pbLicenseCustom
+syn match pbLicenseGroup /^license=.*/ contains=pb_k_license,pbLicenseCustom,pbLicense
+" backup
+syn keyword pb_k_backup backup contained
+syn match pbValidBackup   /\.\?[[:alpha:]]*\/[[:alnum:]\{\}+._$-]*]*/ contained
+syn match pbBackupGroup /^backup=.*/ contains=pb_k_backup,pbValidBackup
+" arch
+syn keyword pb_k_arch arch contained
+syn keyword pbArch i686 x86_64 ppc contained
+syn match pbArchGroup /^arch=.*/ contains=pb_k_arch,pbArch
+" makedepends
+syn keyword pb_k_makedepends makedepends contained
+syn match pbValidMakedepends /\([[:alnum:]]\|+\|-\|_\)*/ contained
+"syn match pbMakedependsGroup /^makedepends=.*/ contains=pb_k_makedepends,pbValidMakedepends
+syn region pbMakedependsGroup start=/^makedepends=(/ end=/)/ contains=pb_k_makedepends,pbValidMakedepends
+" depends
+syn keyword pb_k_depends depends contained
+syn match pbValidDepends /\([[:alnum:]]\|+\|-\|_\)*/ contained
+"syn match pbDependsGroup /^depends=.*/ contains=pb_k_depends,pbValidDepends
+syn region pbDependsGroup start=/^depends=(/ end=/)/ contains=pb_k_depends,pbValidDepends
+" conflicts
+syn keyword pb_k_conflicts conflicts contained
+syn match pbValidConflicts /\([[:alnum:]]\|+\|-\|_\)*/ contained
+"syn match pbConflictsGroup /^conflicts=.*/ contains=pb_k_conflicts,pbValidConflicts
+syn region pbConflictsGroup start=/^conflicts=(/ end=/)/ contains=pb_k_conflicts,pbValidConflicts
+" provides
+syn keyword pb_k_provides provides contained
+syn match pbValidProvides /\([[:alnum:]]\|+\|-\|_\)*/ contained
+"syn match pbProvidesGroup /^provides=.*/ contains=pb_k_provides,pbValidProvides
+syn region pbProvidesGroup start=/^provides=(/ end=/)/ contains=pb_k_provides,pbValidProvides
+" replaces
+syn keyword pb_k_replaces replaces contained
+syn match pbValidReplaces /\([[:alnum:]]\|+\|-\|_\)*/ contained
+"syn match pbReplacesGroup /^replaces=.*/ contains=pb_k_replaces,pbValidReplaces
+syn region pbReplacesGroup start=/^replaces=(/  end=/)/ contains=pb_k_replaces,pbValidReplaces
+" install
+syn keyword pb_k_install install contained
+syn match pbInstall /\([a-z]\|+\|-\)*\.install/ contained
+syn match pbInstallGroup /^install=.*/ contains=pb_k_install,pbInstall
+" source
+syn keyword pb_k_source source contained
+syn match pbSourceRemote /['"]*\(http\|ftp\)\:\/\/.*[[:alnum:]"']/   contained
+"syn match pbSourceLocal /[[:alnum:]+._${}\/-]\+/ contained
+"syn match pbSourceLocal /[[:alnum:]+._${}-]\+/ contained
+syn region pbSourceGroup  start=/^source=(/ end=/)/ contains=pb_k_source,pbSourceRemote,pbSourceOth
+"syn match pbSourceOth /[=()\\]\+/ contained
+"syn match pbSourceGroup /^source=.*/ contains=pb_k_source,pbSourceRemote,pbSourceLocal
+" md5sums
+syn keyword pb_k_md5sums md5sums contained
+syn match pbValidMd5sums /[[:alnum:]]\{32}/ contained
+syn region pbMd5sumsGroup start=/^md5sums/ end=/)/ contains=pb_k_md5sums,pbValidMd5sums
+" sha1sums
+syn keyword pb_k_sha1sums sha1sums contained
+syn match pbValidSha1sums /[[:alnum:]]\{40}/ contained
+syn region pbSha1sumsGroup start=/^sha1sums/ end=/)/ contains=pb_k_sha1sums,pbValidSha1sums
+" options
+syn keyword pb_k_options options contained
+syn keyword pbOptions strip docs libtool emptydirs ccache distcc makeflags force contained
+syn match   pbOptionsNeg   /\(\!\|no\)/ contained
+syn region pbOptionsGroup start=/^options=(/ end=/)/ contains=pb_k_options,pbOptions,pbOptionsNeg
+" noextract
+syn match pbNoextract /[[:alnum:]+._${}-]\+/ contained
+syn keyword pb_k_noextract noextract  contained
+syn region pbNoextractGroup  start=/^noextract=(/ end=/)/ contains=pb_k_noextract,pbNoextract
+" comments
+syn keyword    pb_k_maintainer Maintainer Contributor contained
+"syn match      pbMaintainer /:.*/ contained
+syn match      pbMaintainerGroup /Maintainer.*/ contains=pbMaintainer contained
+syn match pbDate /[0-9]\{4}\/[0-9]\{2}\/[0-9]\{2}/ contained
+syn cluster    pbCommentGroup	contains=pbTodo,pb_k_maintainer,pbMaintainerGroup,pbDate
+syn keyword    pbTodo	contained	COMBAK FIXME TODO XXX
+syn match      pbComment	"^#.*$"	contains=@pbCommentGroup
+syn match      pbComment	"[^0-9]#.*$"	contains=@pbCommentGroup
+hi link pbComment Comment
+hi link pbTodo Todo
+hi link pbValidPkgname Special
+hi link pbPkgnameGroup Normal
+hi link pbIllegalPkgname Error
+hi link pb_k_pkgname Keyword
+hi link pbValidPkgver StorageClass
+hi link pbPkgverGroup Normal
+hi link pbIllegalPkgver Error
+hi link pb_k_pkgver Keyword
+hi link pbValidPkgrel Number
+hi link pbPkgrelGroup Normal
+hi link pbIllegalPkgrel Error
+hi link pb_k_pkgrel Keyword
+hi link pbValidPkgdesc Special
+hi link pbPkgdescGroup Normal
+hi link pbIllegalPkgdesc Error
+hi link pb_k_desc Keyword
+hi link pbValidUrl Comment
+hi link pbUrlGroup Normal
+hi link pb_k_url Keyword
+hi link pb_k_license Keyword
+hi link pbLicense Number
+hi link pbLicenseCustom Number
+hi link pbLicenseGroup Normal
+hi link pbValidLicense Normal
+hi link pbBackupGroup Normal
+hi link pbValidBackup Identifier
+hi link pb_k_backup Keyword
+hi link pbArchGroup Normal
+hi link pb_k_arch Keyword
+hi link pbArch Number
+hi link pbMakedependsGroup Normal
+hi link pb_k_makedepends Keyword
+hi link pbValidMakedepends Comment
+hi link pbDependsGroup Normal
+hi link pb_k_depends Keyword
+hi link pbValidDepends StorageClass
+hi link pbReplacesGroup Normal
+hi link pb_k_replaces Keyword
+hi link pbValidReplaces Identifier
+hi link pbConflictsGroup Normal
+hi link pb_k_conflicts Keyword
+hi link pbValidConflicts Number
+hi link pbProvidesGroup Normal
+hi link pb_k_provides Keyword
+hi link pbValidProvides Special
+hi link pbInstallGroup Normal
+hi link pbInstall Normal
+hi link pb_k_install Keyword
+"hi link pbSourceLocal Identifier
+hi link pb_k_source Keyword
+hi link pbSourceRemote Number
+hi link pbSourceGroup Normal
+"hi link pbSourceOth Normal
+hi link pb_k_md5sums Keyword
+hi link pbMd5sumsGroup Normal
+hi link pbValidMd5sums StorageClass
+hi link pb_k_sha1sums Keyword
+hi link pbSha1sumsGroup Normal
+hi link pbValidSha1sums Number
+hi link pb_k_options Keyword
+hi link pbOptions StorageClass
+hi link pbOptionsNeg TODO
+hi link pbOptionsGroup Normal
+hi link pb_k_noextract Keyword
+hi link pbNoextract Identifier
+hi link pbNoextractGroup Normal
+hi link pb_k_maintainer Keyword
+"hi link pbMaintainer Normal
+hi link pbDate Special
+syntax include @SHELL syntax/sh.vim
+syntax region BUILD start=/^build()/ end=/^}/ contains=@SHELL
+let b:current_syntax = "PKGBUILD"

Alessio 'mOLOk' Bolognino
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