[pacman-dev] vim syntax file for PKGBUILDs

Alessio 'mOLOk' Bolognino themolok.ml at gmail.com
Mon May 7 18:25:48 EDT 2007

On 08:33 Sun 06 May     , Alessio 'mOLOk' Bolognino wrote:
> Hi Guys, 
> I spent an insane amount of time (last night) writing this (I hope so) 
> useful thing: it's a vim syntax file for PKGBUILDs, to use it you 
> should put it in ~/.vim/syntax/ and add this line at the bottom 
> of your ~/.vimrc: 
> autocmd BufReadPost PKGBUILD  set filetype=PKGBUILD
> The colors are more or less random, but it does (cool?) things like check
> for wrong pkgname, pkgver, pkgrel, it complains if the pkgdesc is too
> long, and other stuff.
> This is my first syntax file (and I hope it'll be the last :)
> I'm not a regex guru so many things could be buggy, but well, feel free
> to improve it and add your name in the headers.
> Cheers, 
> Here is the patch:
> [...]

Well, I improved it a bit, the new patch is based on the current repo
(not on the old patch), so, if you want to try it, apply this one only.
Here is a little feature list:
it marks: 
invalid pkgname (strange or >32 chars);
pkgrel (containing hyphens or other shit);
pkgrel (everything but digits);
pkgdesc too long (>80 chars) and pkgdesc containing "foobar is a" that is a
common error (800+ packages in the AUR begins with this description...);
wrong url (without http:// and others);
wrong licenses (everything but the common ones and custom:foobar)
wrong arch (not i686 || x86_64 || ppc)
non standard .install file (i.e. without the .install suffix )
specific sourceforge mirror in the source array (very common error too)
md5sums != 32 chars
sha1sums != 40 chars
wrong options (and marks "no" in nooption in yellow because it is deprecated);
In the build() it is used the sh.vim syntax-file.

I think this syntax file is very useful while checking users' packages
and avoids some common errors.
Enjoy it VIMmers :)

 contrib/PKGBUILD.vim |  287 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 1 files changed, 287 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 contrib/PKGBUILD.vim

diff --git a/contrib/PKGBUILD.vim b/contrib/PKGBUILD.vim
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..f82eb5a
--- /dev/null
+++ b/contrib/PKGBUILD.vim
@@ -0,0 +1,287 @@
+" Vim syntax file
+" Language:	 PKGBUILD
+" Maintainer:	Alessio 'mOLOk' Bolognino <themolok at gmail.com>
+" Last Change:	2007/05/08
+" Version Info: PKGBUILD-0.1
+" For version 5.x: Clear all syntax items
+" For version 6.x: Quit when a syntax file was already loaded
+if version < 600
+	syntax clear
+elseif exists("b:current_syntax")
+    finish
+" case on
+syn case match
+" pkgname
+" FIXME if '=' is in the pkgname/pkgver, it highlight all the pkgname, not only the '='
+syn keyword pb_k_pkgname pkgname contained
+syn match pbValidPkgname /\([[:alnum:]]\|+\|-\|_\){,32}/ contained contains=pbIllegalPkgname
+syn match pbIllegalPkgname /[[:upper:]]\|[^[:alnum:]-+_=]\|=.*=\|=['"]\?.\{33,\}['"]\?/ contained
+"syn match pbIllegalPkgname /=.\{33,\}/ contains=pbValidPkgname contained
+"syn match pbIllegalPkgname /[^=]/ contains=pbValidPkgname contained
+"syn match pbValidPkgname   /=\([[:lower:][:digit:]-_+]\)\{,32\}/ contained
+"syn match pbIllegalPkgname /[^=]/ contains=pbValidPkgname contained
+"syn match pbValidPkgname /=\([[:digit:][:lower:]]\|+\|-\|_\)\{,32\}/ contained 
+syn match pbPkgnameGroup /^pkgname=.*/ contains=pbIllegalPkgname,pb_k_pkgname ",pbValidPkgname
+" pkgver
+syn keyword pb_k_pkgver pkgver contained
+syn match pbValidPkgver /\([[:alnum:]]\|\.\|+\|_\)/ contained contains=pbIllegalPkgver
+syn match pbIllegalPkgver /[^[:alnum:]+=\.\_]\|=.*=/ contained
+syn match pbPkgverGroup /^pkgver=.*/ contains=pbIllegalPkgver,pbValidPkgver,pb_k_pkgver
+" pkgrel
+syn keyword pb_k_pkgrel pkgrel contained
+syn match pbValidPkgrel /[[:digit:]]*/ contained contains=pbIllegalPkgver
+"syn match pbIllegalPkgrel /[^[:alnum:]=]\|[[:alpha:]]/ contained
+syn match pbIllegalPkgrel /[^[:digit:]=]\|=.*=/ contained
+syn match pbPkgrelGroup /^pkgrel=.*/ contains=pbIllegalPkgrel,pbValidPkgrel,pb_k_pkgrel
+" pkgdesc
+syn keyword pb_k_desc pkgdesc contained
+" 90 chars: 80 for description, 8 for pkgdesc and 2 for ''
+syn match pbIllegalPkgdesc /.\{90,}\|=['"]\?.*['" ]\+[iI][sS] [aA]/ contained contains=pbPkgdescSign
+syn match pbValidPkgdesc /[^='"]\.\{,80}/ contained contains=pbIllegalPkgdesc
+syn match pbPkgdescGroup /^pkgdesc=.*/ contains=pbIllegalPkgdesc,pb_k_desc,pbValidPkgdesc
+syn match pbPkgdescSign /[='"]/ contained
+" url
+syn keyword pb_k_url url contained
+syn match pbValidUrl /['"]*\(https\|http\|ftp\)\:\/.*\.\+.*/ contained
+syn match pbIllegalUrl /[^=]/ contained contains=pbValidUrl
+"syn match pbIllegalUrl /\(https\|http\|ftp\)\:\/\/.*/ contained
+syn match pbUrlGroup /^url=.*/ contains=pbValidUrl,pb_k_url,pbIllegalUrl
+"syn match pbEq /=/ contained
+" license
+syn keyword pb_k_license license contained
+syn match pbLicenseCustom /custom\(:[[:alnum:]]*\)*/ contained
+"syn match pbValidLicense /[^=][('")]*/  contained
+"syn match pbLicenseGroup /^license=.*/ contains=pb_k_license,pbLicense,pbValidLicense,pbLicenseCustom
+syn match pbIllegalLicense /[^='"() ]/ contained contains=pbLicenseCustom,pbLicense
+syn match pbLicenseGroup /^license=.*/ contains=pb_k_license,pbLicenseCustom,pbLicense,pbIllegalLicense
+" backup
+syn keyword pb_k_backup backup contained
+syn match pbValidBackup   /\.\?[[:alpha:]]*\/[[:alnum:]\{\}+._$-]*]*/ contained
+syn match pbBackupGroup /^backup=.*/ contains=pb_k_backup,pbValidBackup
+" arch
+syn keyword pb_k_arch arch contained
+syn keyword pbArch i686 x86_64 ppc contained
+syn match pbIllegalArch /[^='() ]/ contained contains=pbArch
+syn match pbArchGroup /^arch=.*/ contains=pb_k_arch,pbArch,pbIllegalArch
+" makedepends
+syn keyword pb_k_makedepends makedepends contained
+syn match pbValidMakedepends /\([[:alnum:]]\|+\|-\|_\)*/ contained
+"syn match pbMakedependsGroup /^makedepends=.*/ contains=pb_k_makedepends,pbValidMakedepends
+syn region pbMakedependsGroup start=/^makedepends=(/ end=/)/ contains=pb_k_makedepends,pbValidMakedepends
+" depends
+syn keyword pb_k_depends depends contained
+syn match pbValidDepends /\([[:alnum:]]\|+\|-\|_\)*/ contained
+"syn match pbDependsGroup /^depends=.*/ contains=pb_k_depends,pbValidDepends
+syn region pbDependsGroup start=/^depends=(/ end=/)/ contains=pb_k_depends,pbValidDepends
+" XXX little hack to color conflicts/provides/replaces keyword even without =()
+syn match  pbkw /^\(conflicts\|provides\|replaces\)/ contains=pb_k_conflicts,pb_k_provides,pb_k_replaces
+hi link pbkw keyword
+" conflicts
+"syn keyword pb_k_conflicts conflicts 
+syn keyword pb_k_conflicts conflicts contained
+syn match pbValidConflicts /\([[:alnum:]]\|+\|-\|_\)*/ contained
+"syn match pbConflictsGroup /^conflicts=.*/ contains=pb_k_conflicts,pbValidConflicts
+syn region pbConflictsGroup start=/^conflicts=(/ end=/)/ contains=pb_k_conflicts,pbValidConflicts
+"syn region pbConflictsGroup start=/^conflicts=(/ end=/)/ contains=pbValidConflicts
+" provides
+"syn keyword pb_k_provides provides 
+syn keyword pb_k_provides provides contained
+syn match pbValidProvides /\([[:alnum:]]\|+\|-\|_\)*/ contained
+"syn match pbProvidesGroup /^provides=.*/ contains=pb_k_provides,pbValidProvides
+syn region pbProvidesGroup start=/^provides=(/ end=/)/ contains=pb_k_provides,pbValidProvides
+"syn region pbProvidesGroup start=/^provides=(/ end=/)/ contains=pbValidProvides
+" replaces
+"syn keyword pb_k_replaces replaces 
+syn keyword pb_k_replaces replaces contained
+syn match pbValidReplaces /\([[:alnum:]]\|+\|-\|_\)*/ contained
+"syn match pbReplacesGroup /^replaces=.*/ contains=pb_k_replaces,pbValidReplaces
+syn region pbReplacesGroup start=/^replaces=(/  end=/)/ contains=pb_k_replaces,pbValidReplaces
+"syn region pbReplacesGroup start=/^replaces=(/  end=/)/ contains=pbValidReplaces
+" install
+syn keyword pb_k_install install contained
+syn match pbValidInstall /\([[:alnum:]]\|\$\|+\|-\|_\)*\.install/ contained 
+syn match pbIllegalInstall /[^=]/ contained contains=pbValidInstall
+"syn match pbInstall /\([a-z]\|+\|-\)*\.install/ contained
+syn match pbInstallGroup /^install=.*/ contains=pb_k_install,pbValidInstall,pbIllegalInstall
+" source
+syn keyword pb_k_source source contained
+" search for specific sf.net mirrors
+syn match pbIllegalSource /\(http\|ftp\|https\).*\.\+\(dl\|download.\?\)\.\(sourceforge\|sf\).net/ contained
+syn match pbSourceRemote /['"]*\(https\|http\|ftp\)\:\/\/.*[[:alnum:]"']/   contained contains=pbIllegalSource
+"syn match pbSourceLocal /[[:alnum:]+._${}\/-]\+/ contained
+"syn match pbSourceLocal /[[:alnum:]+._${}-]\+/ contained
+syn region pbSourceGroup  start=/^source=(/ end=/)/ contains=pb_k_source,pbSourceRemote
+"syn match pbSourceGroup /^source=.*/ contains=pb_k_source,pbSourceRemote,pbSourceLocal
+" md5sums
+syn keyword pb_k_md5sums md5sums contained
+syn match pbValidMd5sums /[[:alnum:]]\{32\}/ contained
+syn match pbIllegalMd5sums /[^='"()\/ ]/ contained contains=pbValidMd5sums
+syn region pbMd5sumsGroup start=/^md5sums/ end=/)/ contains=pb_k_md5sums,pbValidMd5sums,pbIllegalMd5sums
+" sha1sums
+syn keyword pb_k_sha1sums sha1sums contained
+syn match pbValidSha1sums /[[:alnum:]]\{40\}/ contained
+syn match pbIllegalSha1sums /[^='"()\/ ]/ contained contains=pbValidSha1sums
+syn region pbSha1sumsGroup start=/^sha1sums/ end=/)/ contains=pb_k_sha1sums,pbValidSha1sums,pbIllegalSha1sums
+" options
+syn keyword pb_k_options options contained
+"syn keyword pbOptions strip docs libtool emptydirs ccache distcc makeflags force contained
+syn match pbOptions /\(no\)\?\(strip\|docs\|libtool\|emptydirs\|ccache\|distcc\|makeflags\|force\)/ contained
+" syn match   pbOptionsNeg   /\(\!\|no\)/ contained
+syn match   pbOptionsNeg     /\!/ contained
+syn match   pbOptionsDeprec  /no/ contained
+syn region pbOptionsGroup start=/^options=(/ end=/)/ contains=pb_k_options,pbOptions,pbOptionsNeg,pbOptionsDeprec,pbIllegalOption
+syn match pbIllegalOption /[^!"'()= ]/ contained contains=pbOptionsDeprec,pbOptions
+" noextract
+syn match pbNoextract /[[:alnum:]+._${}-]\+/ contained
+syn keyword pb_k_noextract noextract  contained
+syn region pbNoextractGroup  start=/^noextract=(/ end=/)/ contains=pb_k_noextract,pbNoextract
+" comments
+syn keyword    pb_k_maintainer Maintainer Contributor contained
+"syn match      pbMaintainer /:.*/ contained
+syn match      pbMaintainerGroup /Maintainer.*/ contains=pbMaintainer contained
+syn match pbDate /[0-9]\{4}\/[0-9]\{2}\/[0-9]\{2}/ contained
+syn cluster    pbCommentGroup	contains=pbTodo,pb_k_maintainer,pbMaintainerGroup,pbDate
+syn keyword    pbTodo	contained	COMBAK FIXME TODO XXX
+syn match      pbComment	"^#.*$"	contains=@pbCommentGroup
+syn match      pbComment	"[^0-9]#.*$"	contains=@pbCommentGroup
+hi link pbComment Comment
+hi link pbTodo Todo
+hi link pbValidPkgname Special
+hi link pbPkgnameGroup Normal
+hi link pbIllegalPkgname Error
+hi link pb_k_pkgname Keyword
+hi link pbValidPkgver StorageClass
+hi link pbPkgverGroup Normal
+hi link pbIllegalPkgver Error
+hi link pb_k_pkgver Keyword
+hi link pbValidPkgrel Number
+hi link pbPkgrelGroup Normal
+hi link pbIllegalPkgrel Error
+hi link pb_k_pkgrel Keyword
+hi link pbValidPkgdesc Special
+hi link pbPkgdescGroup Normal
+hi link pbIllegalPkgdesc Error
+hi link pb_k_desc Keyword
+hi link pbPkgdescSign Normal
+hi link pbIllegalUrl Error
+hi link pbValidUrl Comment
+hi link pbUrlGroup Normal
+hi link pbEq Normal
+hi link pb_k_url Keyword
+hi link pb_k_license Keyword
+hi link pbLicense Number
+hi link pbLicenseCustom Number
+hi link pbLicenseGroup Normal
+hi link pbValidLicense Normal
+hi link pbIllegalLicense Error
+hi link pbBackupGroup Normal
+hi link pbValidBackup Identifier
+hi link pb_k_backup Keyword
+hi link pbArchGroup Normal
+hi link pb_k_arch Keyword
+hi link pbArch Number
+hi link pbIllegalArch Error
+hi link pbMakedependsGroup Normal
+hi link pb_k_makedepends Keyword
+hi link pbValidMakedepends Comment
+hi link pbDependsGroup Normal
+hi link pb_k_depends Keyword
+hi link pbValidDepends StorageClass
+hi link pbReplacesGroup Normal
+hi link pb_k_replaces Keyword
+hi link pbValidReplaces Identifier
+hi link pbConflictsGroup Normal
+hi link pb_k_conflicts Keyword
+hi link pbValidConflicts Number
+hi link pbProvidesGroup Normal
+hi link pb_k_provides Keyword
+hi link pbValidProvides Special
+hi link pbValidInstall Normal
+hi link pbIllegalInstall Error
+hi link pb_k_install Keyword
+"hi link pbSourceLocal Identifier
+hi link pb_k_source Keyword
+hi link pbSourceRemote Number
+hi link pbSourceGroup Normal
+hi link pbIllegalSource Error
+hi link pb_k_md5sums Keyword
+hi link pbMd5sumsGroup Normal
+hi link pbValidMd5sums StorageClass
+hi link pbIllegalMd5sums Error
+hi link pb_k_sha1sums Keyword
+hi link pbSha1sumsGroup Normal
+hi link pbValidSha1sums Number
+hi link pbIllegalSha1sums Error
+hi link pb_k_options Keyword
+hi link pbOptions StorageClass
+hi link pbOptionsNeg StorageClass
+hi link pbOptionsGroup Normal
+hi link pbOptionsDeprec Todo
+hi link pbIllegalOption Error
+hi link pb_k_noextract Keyword
+hi link pbNoextract Identifier
+hi link pbNoextractGroup Normal
+hi link pb_k_maintainer Keyword
+"hi link pbMaintainer Normal
+hi link pbDate Special
+syntax include @SHELL syntax/sh.vim
+syntax region BUILD start=/^build()/ end=/^}/ contains=@SHELL
+let b:current_syntax = "PKGBUILD"
+" vim: ft=vim

Alessio 'mOLOk' Bolognino
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