[pacman-dev] slower ftp access with pacman 3 ?

eliott at cactuswax.net eliott at cactuswax.net
Tue May 8 14:31:59 EDT 2007

> I for one find FTP to be a faster protocol over a good connection-
> this is usually due to server setup because their ftp daemon is set up
> to serve small numbers of large files, while http is set up to serve
> large numbers of small files. Maybe that is all placebo effect, but I
> seem to notice it.


ftp is generally a faster protocol, due to the fact that for each ftp data
request, there is less overhead (no http headers, etc).

ftp itself is a horrible protocol though. Very poorly behaved (a pain to
allow through edge network filters, harder to proxy, etc) when compared to

there really isn't much reason to use ftp these days. I believe that the
only reason it is still used, has to do with applications that you can use
with ftp...
Such as:
- The implementation of upload 'tokens' that are often used in the gaming
and underground filesharing scene
- The granularity of permissions available (directory/user level).

just my opinion, but I am a biased network monkey.

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