[pacman-dev] global percent

Mateusz Jedrasik m.jedrasik at gmail.com
Wed May 16 19:23:02 EDT 2007

Wednesday 16 of May 2007 03:35:16 Łukasz Wychrystenko napisał(a):
> Hi, i just write a little patch that will change percent display from
> one package percent to total download percent display hope this will be
> add to main tree.
> regards

Hi and welcome to pacman-dev,

Maybe you could try evaluating a bit more the actual need for the patch itself 
and why you think the behaviour it brings into the program is superior to the 
current one?

Also, it would be nice had one been able to turn it on by some option rather 
than making it the default - would puzzle and confuse a lot of users I 
suppose had it been incorporated right away as the default behaviour.

Regards and keep up the nice work - thanks for showing interest in pacman :)

Mateusz Jędrasik <m.jedrasik at gmail.com>
tel. +48(79)022-9393, +48(51)69-444-90

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