[pacman-dev] global percent

Łukasz Wychrystenko t0 at czlug.icis.pcz.pl
Wed May 16 23:35:25 EDT 2007

Dnia Thu, 17 May 2007 01:23:02 +0200
Mateusz Jedrasik <m.jedrasik at gmail.com> napisał(a):

> Wednesday 16 of May 2007 03:35:16 Łukasz Wychrystenko napisał(a):
> > Hi, i just write a little patch that will change percent display
> > from one package percent to total download percent display hope
> > this will be add to main tree.
> > regards
> Hi and welcome to pacman-dev,
> Maybe you could try evaluating a bit more the actual need for the
> patch itself and why you think the behaviour it brings into the
> program is superior to the current one?
Long story short - during standard pacman -Su with many targets there
is no way to tell when process will end.
> Also, it would be nice had one been able to turn it on by some option
> rather than making it the default - would puzzle and confuse a lot of
> users I suppose had it been incorporated right away as the default
> behaviour.
cmon new switch to turn on that small change - this would be like
shooting to fly with bazooka, about confuse i don't think so ;P
> Regards and keep up the nice work - thanks for showing interest in
> pacman :)
btw. i can't find TODO/requested features list to pacman is there any?
> //m.

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