[pacman-dev] Asciidoc manpages

Dan McGee dpmcgee at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 23:38:14 EST 2007

Does anyone on the list know a lot about Asciidoc? Specifically, I
noticed that our manpage generation has gotten a bit weird. Notice
that every manpage generated in the pacman-git release (or in your own
working tree when using --enable-asciidoc) has:
* a weird Notes section at the bottom
* a broken "See Also" section (looks like the macro is busted or something)

In addition, the PKGBUILD example nclude in PKGBUILD.5 does not look so hot.

Does anyone (Andrew, are you still around?) want to look into this and
see what they can come up with to fix it? I swear we had it working
for a while, so this may be related to a docbook-xsl upgrade. If you
do investigate, be sure whatever changes you make keep both the HTML
and the manpage format looking OK.


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