[pacman-dev] database on separate fs and inodes

Łukasz Wychrystenko t0 at czlug.icis.pcz.pl
Fri Nov 16 06:20:37 EST 2007

Long story short: (before signing new bug i want to be sure)
After putting /var/lib/pacman on separate fs (raid1) i just messed
things a little and run out of inodes.

# fsck.ext2 -pfv /dev/md1
18072 inodes used (100.00%)

Most important is what pacman did.
So after -Syu packages were updated and no changes in db was made.
Most important is that i pacman didn't show any error msg about that.

Today i trayed -Syu again i got last time installed packages list added
to new one. Pacman showed only packages list and size then just quit
w/o any error again.

Now I'm trying to repair db and reproduce bug, but i think that quick
fix for that is to make small change in pacman that first he will
tray to write db entry then packages files to disk.

Sorry for my 'bad' English i hope that all catch my drift.

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