[pacman-dev] database on separate fs and inodes

Nagy Gabor ngaba at bibl.u-szeged.hu
Fri Nov 16 07:12:13 EST 2007

> Hi
> Long story short: (before signing new bug i want to be sure)
I suggest you to open a new task for this in FS; if this hasn't been reported yet.
> After putting /var/lib/pacman on separate fs (raid1) i just messed
> things a little and run out of inodes.
> # fsck.ext2 -pfv /dev/md1
> 18072 inodes used (100.00%)
> Most important is what pacman did.
> So after -Syu packages were updated and no changes in db was made.
> Most important is that i pacman didn't show any error msg about that.
> Today i trayed -Syu again i got last time installed packages list added
> to new one. Pacman showed only packages list and size then just quit
> w/o any error again.
> Now I'm trying to repair db and reproduce bug, but i think that quick
> fix for that is to make small change in pacman that first he will
> tray to write db entry then packages files to disk.
> Sorry for my 'bad' English i hope that all catch my drift.

Yes, this is a critical bug imho.
To be short: At this moment pacman cannot rollback transaction (but it is
planned: FS#8585)
What is even worse (extra bug), it doesn't inform you about unsuccessful db
operations (if I didn't misunderstand you); but you could probably do an ugly
hack to fix things (or ask somebody to help <- pacman.log is important here)


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