[pacman-dev] pacman documentation is outdated

Nagy Gabor ngaba at bibl.u-szeged.hu
Sat Nov 17 08:06:11 EST 2007

> b) Could you also add some documentation about this in the man page
> (especially that the format is name-space-version)

Well, I could add it (and now I really don't want to be lazy), but my English
is... you know.
Independently from your b.) point, I found an other issue in documentation:
-I was suprised when I ran into UpgradeDelay in the source, this is not
documented in pacman.conf manual (probably you can find more undocumented things

I know that writing documentation is one of the most boring things, but we
should just sync the documentation to source _once_, then keep in mind that
_every_ new features or changes must be documented in the "changer" patch too.
This is not difficult at all, usually looking into pacman.c around parseargs()
and _parseconfig() is enough (makepkg is an other story, I don't follow its
development at all).
If noone wants to do this, I can at least collect missing/broken documentations
(but imho it is easier to find them by the corrector). I promise, that if
someone do this, I will check the result (and fast-reading the source to find
-Sii, -Sgg and some other must-look-into-libalpm options).


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