[pacman-dev] conflict and provision versions

Nagy Gabor ngaba at bibl.u-szeged.hu
Tue Nov 20 03:29:51 EST 2007

> I'm pretty sure normal deps already act this way. That is, the vercmp
> function will check the pkgrel only if it exists. If it doesn't exist,
> it doesn't care.
> This gives us flexibility. For instance, lets say we have 19 packages
> that depend on foobar 1.7. If we add "foobar=1.7-1" to every package,
> that's fine. Later, if we change, say the url=() in the PKGBUILD, we
> now need to rebuild all of the packages that depend on foobar with
> explicit versions. It's just messy.
> Instead of forcing it one way or the other, leaving it open like the
> current vercmp does gives the power of this decision to the packager.

Thx for opening my eyes;-):
This shows why 'provision 2.0' satisfies 'provision>=2.0-2':
Versioncmp used usually as _alpm_versioncmp(pkgver, dependver).
In this case '2.0-2 <= 2.0' is plausible. But then '2.0 >= 2.0-2' must also hold.


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