[pacman-dev] pacman 3.1 release ?

Nagy Gabor ngaba at bibl.u-szeged.hu
Wed Sep 5 06:12:54 EDT 2007

And please don't forget about the PS of
data field of pmsyncpkg_t is used iff type == PM_SYNC_TYPE_REPLACE now, so we
could use (and rename?) that field as replaces in all cases to avoid the problem
above, and so pmsyncpkg_t would be a bit nicer (see alpm_sync_pkg_free);-).
So PM_SYNC_TYPE_REPLACE is not needed IMHO (we record to the database explicit
or depend reason only): (data != NULL) <=> (type == PM_SYNC_TYPE_REPLACE) if you
keep my advice.
Bye, ngaba

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