[pacman-dev] Pacman for LFS

Walter Barnes walter_barnes05 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 20 21:07:45 EDT 2007


I understand that this is a developers list but I have a users question, if this is not the correct list to post to please let me know where I should post, thanks.

My question involves adapting pacman to a LFS system. After going through the man pages, it seems that to separate pacman from Arch Linux all I need to do is modify pacman.conf to point to my own local repository and remove all pre-configured repository sections. Is this correct or is there another step I need to do as well?

Also, when running configure with --prefix=/tools I found that all config files end up in /tools/etc but it seems that pacman and makepkg still look for the config files in /etc. I did some digging and found the --with-config-file option for pacman.conf but there is no equivelant for makepkg.conf and ended up editing the script by hand. I'm new to Linux and know nothing about automake/autoconf build systems but would it be possible to have configure generate the makepkg script with the correct location of makepkg.conf (and abs.conf too)?


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