[pacman-dev] Pacman for LFS

Walter Barnes walter_barnes05 at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 21 02:27:06 EDT 2007

>From: Dan McGee <dpmcgee at gmail.com>

>> Also, when running configure with --prefix=/tools I found that all config files end up in /tools/etc but it seems that pacman and makepkg still look for the config files in /etc. I did some digging and found the --with-config-file option for pacman.conf but there is no equivelant for makepkg.conf and ended up editing the script by hand. I'm new to Linux and know nothing about automake/autoconf build systems but would it be possible to have configure generate the makepkg script with the correct location of makepkg.conf (and abs.conf too)?
>> Thanks,
>> Walter
>If you use pacman from GIT, most of this should have been fixed. The
>configure script with pacman now respects the --sysconfdir,
>--localstatedir, and --prefix directives, and all paths related to
>pacman and makepkg should respect this. Let us know if this is not the
>Of course, the current version of pacman in the GIT repo may not be
>completely stable, so take caution when using it. However, I don't
>want to discourage its use- it should be in a very usable state.

I browsed the repository and indeed there have been lots of changes and paths seem to be computed dynamically instead of hard-wired. Unfortunately, my host system (Knoppix) does not have the autoconf/automake tools needed to generate the configure file and I do not know how to use these tools so I will wait (eagerly ;) until it is released. Are these changes planned for 3.0.7 or a later version?


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