[pacman-dev] fglrx-utils preferred over libgl-dri

Mateusz Jedrasik m.jedrasik at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 13:23:00 EDT 2007

Thursday 27 of September 2007 19:20:27 Aaron Griffin napisał(a):
> However, if it is NOT installed, pacman needs to decide what to do,
> and will install kdebase (the real package name) before it installes
> kdemod-kdebase.

Agreed; I thought that was the case we were in here. Otherwise, indeed, if 
there is no dependency satisfied yet, simply because for example new 
dependencies appear in a newer version of a pkgbuild, then yes, I too believe 
pacman should prefer the original name.

And only then (I suppose that's a safe bet).


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