[pacman-dev] -Qu vs -Su

Nagy Gabor ngaba at bibl.u-szeged.hu
Fri Sep 28 17:20:08 EDT 2007

> Since the discussion on http://bugs.archlinux.org/task/7884 is confusing me,
> I thought I would bring it here.
> The issue reported by Dan is the following :
> The -Qu output is different than -Su one, because -Su resolves dependencies,
> while -Qu does not.

IMHO -Qu is needless [I've never used that]. -Qu should do the same as
alpm_sync_upgrade with some automatic answers (duplicated code or tricky
transaction manipulations, grr), so user can also do -Su and break the transaction.

> My first question : is that really an issue?

IMHO yes;-) However, in most cases the "output of -Su" == "output of current
-Qu" [if the user's database is not broken and updated version of a local
package doesn't need some extra dependencies <=> upgrading all local package is
enough to satisfy dependencies]

> The description of -Qu says :
>   -u, --upgrades       list all packages that can be upgraded
> IMO, a new dependency does not belong to the list of packages that can be
> upgraded. So it isn't necessarily a bug if it shows up in -Su, but not in
> -Qu.
> Also, note that -Qu can't match exactly -Su, because -Su is interactive :
> Replace %s with %s/%s? [Y/n]
> %s conflicts with %s. Remove %s? [Y/n]
> But if you answer no to the conflicts question, pacman just fails and stops
> there. So not very interesting.
> And the replace question is generally answered by yes.
> So answering yes to both questions should give a good picture of what will
> happen.

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