[pacman-dev] added --config option to makepkg

hoar heor archye at pycut.com.ar
Thu Aug 7 08:17:05 EDT 2008

> I don't want to sound too harsh, but this patch looks quite complex
> for what it does, does not use gettext like every other options, and
> seems rather useless to me.

I don't really understand what you mean with gettext, as far as I know
it's using it(although I maybe had skipped something)

well, it's not only intended to be used with "safe" makepkg, look it
this way, someone has -arch and -mute changed to his platform so the
packages are optimized, the problem is that they won't work on other
processor, if that person builds the package for a repo he will have
to change makepkg.conf in this way he could do makepkg
--config=release and it would source makepkg.release(witch obviously
must have had created earlier), or maybe a specific makepkg for one
package makepkg --config=python wich would use makepkg.python

I know i't's a bit complicated, but otherwise it would source the file
several times if there are more arguments(maybe there's some other way
simpler to do it that I haven't noticed, anyway I'm still looking at
the source to simplify it)

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