[pacman-dev] pacman tag support

Pierre Schmitz pierre at archlinux.de
Thu Aug 21 04:55:40 EDT 2008

Am Donnerstag 21 August 2008 10:45:04 schrieb Ronald van Haren:
> Let me give a final try to convince you that they serve different
> purposes. Suppose I want to in install a desktop environment, say kde.
> As you know, all official kde packages (so the complete DE) are part
> of the kde group. Therefore installing kde on arch is as intuitive as
> pacman -S kde. Now suppose we use the groups field for using tags. As
> you can imagine, kde would pop up in the group of quite a number of
> packages (amarok, digikam, koffice, kmess to name a few, but there are
> lots more, even excluding pure qt packages).
> So what do we now have? Instead of an easy install of the desktop
> environment (think new users, '-S kde' must be the first they try), in
> the new case, 'pacman -S kde' wants to install a shitload of packages,
> confusing the users.

That's exact the example I was thinking about. I think some additional meta 
data which does not affect the install process or dependencies directly is not 
a bad idea at all. 

This could be nice for some frontends (I develop a webfrontend for the sync-
db). With such information (or call it tagging) one could create such quires 
like: Show me all games or KDE-related packages. Which browsers are available? 



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