[pacman-dev] GPG work

Gerhard Brauer gerbra at archlinux.de
Sat Dec 13 07:23:08 EST 2008

Am Mon, 8 Dec 2008 06:34:06 -0600
schrieb "Dan McGee" <dpmcgee at gmail.com>:

Hi Dan, Hi Developers!

> I didn't promise this worked out of the box- I just meant that it was
> a better start than the other code. You're either going to have to
> know C and understand what is going on (and fix it), or wait for it to
> be in a better state of completion.

I know i make myself very unpopulary with this...

Anything new which could be tested?

As far as i see we have a very good start shortly after the discussion
about "signing". Now a stagnation. I'm aware that the pacman developers
are also short in time. Should maybe the git head from Dan's repo
(newgpg) posted on arch public-devel or arch-general so that C
programmer could have look?

Or what is with the idea to start first with package database signing?
If package signing is hard to implement maybe we shouldn't make the
second step before the first.

> -Dan


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