[pacman-dev] Places to start with pacman code - Was: GPG work

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Mon Dec 15 08:11:44 EST 2008

Jatheendra wrote:
> There are a few people like myself who are interested in working on
> pacman. I started looking at pacman code a few weeks back, had a look
> at bug tracker and send a patch for a simple feature(pacman -Qo
> which). After that i was stuck because i couldnt find anything to work
> on. Most of the feature requests are huge changes and it doesnt seem
> that there is consent on those even within current developers. So it
> would be better if we can have a roadmap sort of thing for pacman (
> not the TODO.dan and TODO.aaron in source) with features which
> developers want to include but are unable because of lack of time.
> Basically something which beginners can use to get their hand
> wet.........
> (If such a list already exists, i couldnt find it)
> Thanks


This is something I have not got around to finishing which should be 
fairly simple to do:

FS#9424 - db.lck storing pid
I have a patch which stores the pid in the lock file here:
The idea is that when a lock file is present, pacman reads in this 
number, checks if the process exists and if not automatically removes 
the lock file.

Other than that, look at bugs in the low or very low priority 
categories.  Most ideas we have for pacman improvement are posted there 
so we don't lose them.  The lower priority level normally mean that it 
is a nice idea but the devs have other things they want to do.  I found 
these to be a goldmine of fairly simple fixes when I was learning the 
pacman code base.  If you have queries about a specific idea, just post 
here asking for opinions or some direction on how to fix it.


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