[pacman-dev] String freeze for 3.2 release

Nagy Gabor ngaba at bibl.u-szeged.hu
Wed Jul 16 07:11:56 EDT 2008

I sent my reply to Dan, but I wanted to send here (Dan: new 4. point;-).

> I would like to get the release out in 7 days or so, so the sooner the
> better for the translations.

Wow. I bring up some thoughts here:
1. Some NEWS ideas. A. We should document API changes
separated from other changes to help front-end writers. From my side I
can recall 3 API changes: 8856146d71cb4cc512b0cf3414fbc231635822d3, 
1fc83f4af6d827bf2e69c7a10e3d2010c9211974 (without deep investigation,
alpm.h-diff should show almost everything). B. As user I would like to
see new features separated from "memleak fixes" ;-). For example, new
options: -Ru, --asexplicit, -S 'dep>=2.0' etc.
2. Xav said, that deltas are broken. Couldn't we move this out from
alpm code, and using it XferCommand or whatever (or implement new
"external helper", if needed)?
3. Front-ends should be able to free our new dynamic structs, e.g.
4. <flame> Revert vercmp code to 3.1 </flame>


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