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Nagy Gabor ngaba at bibl.u-szeged.hu
Mon Mar 3 10:19:11 EST 2008

> commit c2dbbd60bc8a4c90ec32fdbe9098ffae222d00d7
> Author: Dan McGee <dan at archlinux.org>
> Date:   Tue Jan 22 23:11:31 2008 -0600
>     Start removing some junk from the function template
>     I screwed up originally when I accepted the TotalDownload patch,
>     8ec27835f40e3df1ce409bc3d913587c474a30c3. I didn't realize how deeply it
>     modified libalpm and I probably shouldn't have let it do what it did.
> This
>     commit reverts much of what that patch added in order to clean up our
>     internal function calls. We can find another way to do it right down the
>     road here but for now it has to go.
>     Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <dan at archlinux.org>

My opinion: imho between two major libalpm releases we are allowed to tune it
[line now ;-] (otherwise we should release only bugfix releases in the future).
I may have misinterpreted the reason of revert, but I had "stable API" feeling
only (from frugalware).
In these situations some kind of pminfo_t-like stuff with
alpm_info_get_dl_total() accessors might be a bit more transparent.

I don't know whether the original patch was good or not, but hopefully in the
future we will rework the whole transaction system -- so the API as well, if needed.


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