[pacman-dev] [RFC] Package parser in python

Laszlo Papp djszapi at archlinux.us
Sat Dec 12 09:36:28 EST 2009

On Sat, Dec 12, 2009 at 3:11 PM, Allan McRae <allan at archlinux.org> wrote:
> Sebastian Nowicki wrote:
>> As you may have heard, I started a proper PKGBUILD parser[1], which parses
>> according to shell semantics and does a little interpreting. I just released
>> the first version, which doesn't handle errors, or multi-line values (like
>> arrays or escaped newlines) very well. It does however support split
>> packages. I'm in the process of modifying parched to essentially turn it
>> into python bindings[2] for pkgparse.
>> You probably already have a parser at this point, so I'm not sure how
>> useful this would be to you (it might be overkill anyway), I just though I'd
>> let you know.
>> [1]: http://github.com/sebnow/pkgparse
>> [2]: http://github.com/sebnow/parched/tree/pkgparse_pyrex
> Looks interesting.  I will take it for a spin later. I assume this is going
> towards AUR2?


> I had not done any further work on my parser as I was uncertain what was the
> best way to go in developing a makepkg test suite.  Given the makepkg test
> suite will use a safe set of PGKBUILDs, I was thinking of just using bash to
> parse them.

"Parsing of pkgbuilds, we can no longer use bash to do it because bash
sucks and is riddled with security flaws. This is really important."

It was discussed with Louipc too on #archlinux-aur earlier, and on the
forum too, I don't find the log at this momment :( It's not best
solution to do it in bash, lex/yacc seems a better solution for it in
this case.

Some documentation from Sebastian with that I'm dealing at this momment:

Best Regards,
Laszlo Papp

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