[pacman-dev] [PATCH 1/5] Fixed some innacuracies in the pactest README

Xavier shiningxc at gmail.com
Wed Jan 14 08:18:45 EST 2009

On Wed, Jan 14, 2009 at 1:12 PM, Allan McRae <allan at archlinux.org> wrote:
>> There are too many options to list in bullet point, and when options are
>> added to/removed from pacman.conf, this list will be out of date.  I suspect
>> that nobody is going to bother keeping this list up-to-date (it certainly
>> wasn't up-to-date when I was reading these docs!), so I felt that rather
>> than having an inaccurate list, it's better to have no list at all.  I
>> believe that the documentation examples make it pretty clear that the
>> dictionary keys are the pacman.conf options, and I think that anyone
>> developing pactest tests almost certainly would already be familiar with
>> what those options are, and how to find out more about them (by reading
>> documentation on pacman.conf) if they need to.
>> That was my reasoning anyway.  If you feel that it's better to have the
>> list, then I will be happy to add it back in.  But I can't promise that I
>> will maintain it as options are added to/removed from pacman!
> Good point.  My main concern is "It has 3 keys, each one of them pointing at
> a list of strings:".  Maybe replace it with something like "it takes a key
> of the option being set and is assigned a list of strings"

My first feeling was that removing this list was alright, for the
reason Bryan gave.
But I changed my mind, there are only a few options that makes sense
to be specified there, there are some who don't make any sense, and
maybe even some who shouldn't be modified at all, like the different
I think we could just have a look at our current examples to have a
good list of the useful options to use in pactests.
pactest/tests/remove030.py:self.option["HoldPkg"] = ["dummy"]
pactest/tests/sync021.py:self.option["IgnorePkg"] = ["pkg2"]
pactest/tests/sync120.py:self.option["IgnorePkg"] = ["pkg2"]
pactest/tests/sync133.py:self.option["IgnorePkg"] = ["pkg1"]
pactest/tests/sync138.py:self.option["IgnoreGroup"] = ["grp"]
pactest/tests/sync301.py:self.option["SyncFirst"] = ["pacman"]
pactest/tests/sync500.py:self.option["NoExtract"] = ["usr/man/man1/dummy.1"]
pactest/tests/sync501.py:self.option["NoUpgrade"] = ["etc/dummy.conf"]
pactest/tests/upgrade010.py:self.option["NoUpgrade"] = ["etc/dummy.conf"]
pactest/tests/upgrade070.py:self.option["NoExtract"] = ["usr/man/man1/dummy.1"]
pactest/tests/xfercommand001.py:self.option['XferCommand'] =
['/usr/bin/curl %u > %o']

We could either just take the examples above for each option.
Otherwise, we could list all these options and indicate the list could
be incomplete :
and then give an example for some of them.

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