[pacman-dev] Another idea

Bryan Ischo bji-keyword-pacman.3644cb at www.ischo.com
Thu Jan 15 17:05:20 EST 2009

Nagy Gabor wrote:
> First of all, if you investigate a package 5 times, pacman may ask the
> user 5 times, whether he wants to install a package from IgnorePkg (if
> we switch to non-interactive implementation, user will see 5 warnings).
> This is odd.
> However, if we are tricky, we can almost eliminate this problem imho.
> (Although we must complicate the code a bit.) If you can *successfully*
> resolve a target package, you _will_ keep all the pulled targets, so you
> can push them to the ~resolved_targets list (which should be checked
> first, when you resolve dependencies!*). In real life, we can resolve
> all targets ~always. Your described problem would appear around
> unresolvable targets, which is not a common situation.

I think that what you are suggesting is to pass the accumulated "pulled 
package" list into _alpm_resolvedeps for each subsequent call to that 
function, so that each subsequent call can first look into the 
already-resolved list of packages from previous resolves.

This is a great addition to my proposal and it eliminates the 
performance concerns.

I will re-implement this way and re-submit my patches.

Thanks for your help and your advice.

Best wishes,

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