[pacman-dev] .so provides/depends patches review

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Mon Apr 12 11:24:11 EDT 2010


Sorry this has taken me a while...  so long in fact that I do not have 
the original email stored anymore to reply to.

But here goes my comments on the patches for soname provides/depends:

My comments are currently only on functionality.  I'll get to code after 
that is fully sorted.

Firstly, it works well and does as advertised.  So no issues there...  

1) If I put a bad soname provides in the array (e.g. 
provides="readline.so") it just silently ignores it.  No error and 
nothing put in the .PKGINFO.  There needs to be an error (or at minimum 
a warning).   The same goes for depends (although these are mostly 
caught by the initial dependency checking in makepkg).

2) Building readline on i686 with provides="libreadline.so", in the 
provides = libreadline.so=6-elf32_i386
My concern about that is that the library is not i386 but is i686.  I 
may be prepared to accept that though as I guess x86 is x86 really...  
But what additional information is the elf32 providing? I could perhaps 
understand the operating system from the host triplet.   If anything, my 
preferences are:
libreadline.so=6-i686_linux (best)
libreadline.so=6-i686 / libreadline.so=6-i386_linux
libreadline.so=6-i386 (worst)


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