[pacman-dev] .so provides/depends patches review

Florian Pritz bluewind at xssn.at
Mon Apr 12 13:47:33 EDT 2010

On 12.04.2010 17:24, Allan McRae wrote:
> > 1) If I put a bad soname provides in the array (e.g. 
> > provides="readline.so") it just silently ignores it.  No error and 
> > nothing put in the .PKGINFO.  There needs to be an error (or at minimum 
> > a warning).   The same goes for depends (although these are mostly 
> > caught by the initial dependency checking in makepkg).
> > 
Implemented an error.

> > 2) Building readline on i686 with provides="libreadline.so", in the 
> > .PKGINFO I get:
> > provides = libreadline.so=6-elf32_i386
> > My concern about that is that the library is not i386 but is i686.  I 
> > may be prepared to accept that though as I guess x86 is x86 really...  
> > But what additional information is the elf32 providing? I could perhaps 
> > understand the operating system from the host triplet.   If anything, my 
> > preferences are:
> > libreadline.so=6-i686_linux (best)
> > libreadline.so=6-i686 / libreadline.so=6-i386_linux
> > libreadline.so=6-i386 (worst)
> > 
Telling apart i368 and i686 libs seems to be only possible if you scan
them for instructions that only work on i686 and not on i368, but that's
way to complicated. ELF doesn't save this information.
It now generates "libreadline.so=6-i386_linux".

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