[pacman-dev] BUG and PATCH: 'handle' not null after alpm_release ()

Dario Freddi drf54321 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 11:21:31 EST 2010

On Tuesday 19 January 2010 14:09:46 Markus Meissner wrote:
> I would absolutly second a release, this would help me a lot as the API
> changed at some points. It also would be incredibly great, if the API
> changes would be a little more "third-party-library" friendly. Like
> first marking items as deprecated for one minor release, before removing
> them. I think there are some people working with libalpm who would
> appreciate this, too - thinking about Dario Freddi for example. (Or am I
> just too inattentive/slow and there was a deprecation-time for things
> like alpm_trans_addtarget or the ALPM_TRANS_TYPEs?)

Yes, it would be nice - although not very feasible with the actual pacman/alpm 
development model, where most API changes are decided between minor releases - 
hence you have no time to mark stuff as deprecated. That's at least from an 
user point of view. However, I never complained about this - on pacman-dev all 
commits are recorded and you can simply git diff out the last tag with master 
- and if you're developing your bindings in a git repository, like I do, it 
makes your life extremely easier :)

> greets
> Markus


Dario Freddi
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