[pacman-dev] makepkg integrity check patches

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Thu May 6 02:51:43 CEST 2010

Here is some justification for the patches on my working branch related 
to integrity checking.  Put in order from least controversial to most...

1) cd3910b makepkg -g: use checksums defined in the pkgbuild

This is Xavier's patch.  I am not sure there was ever issues with this 
one, but I think it got caught up with the other patches.  This patch 
just makes it easier to maintain checksums in a PKGBUILD other than the 
default in makepkg.conf. e.g. if I have sha1sums in the PKGBUILD, 
"makepkg -g" will generate sha1sums even if generating md5sums is the 
default.  To generate md5sums only, you just need to remove the old 
checksums from the PKGBUILD or add an empty md5sum array to the PKGBUILD.

2) cd1378d makepkg: rework --skipinteg

This is very, very, VERY useful.  I did not have makepkg-git on my new 
computer earlier this week and the current makepkg behaviour annoyed me 

without patch:
 > /usr/bin/makepkg --skipinteg
==> Validating source files with md5sums...
     abs- ... FAILED
==> ERROR: One or more files did not pass the validity check!

with patch:
 > makepkg --skipinteg
==> WARNING: Skipping integrity checks.
==> Extracting Sources...

This is particularly useful when testing out a patch that you need to 
repeatedly modify.  You only need to update your checksums once it is 
working.  I use this very frequently, but then again I do more packaging 
than most.

3) 5d911ae makepkg: allow skipping integrity checks when making source 

And here is the fun one... "makepkg --source" currently requires 
checking all checksums.  Using "-source --skipinteg" does not skip this, 
which in itself makes little sense to me.  The argument that this stops 
people distributing packages with bad checksums is flawed.  There is 
nothing stopping them doing that now.  They just have to not use makepkg 
when creating the tarball, which could lead to even worse PKGBUILDs 
being distributed as none of makepkg's other checks would be performed.

Admittedly, this patch will see little use.  I used to use it in 
combination with #2 when checking that a modified patch compiled on both 
my i686 and x86_64 machines.  Now that I build both architectures on one 
machine, this is of less use to me.  I have also used it when commenting 
on a PKGBUILD that was sent to me with a query about the best way to 
implement something.  There I modified some of the build() function to 
be clearer and sent it to the author saying I would use this approach 
but it is not tested.  Note I could have used tar manually (in fact the 
tar file name would have been tab autocompleted so the command would 
probably be simpler to type), but then I would not get the other checks 
makepkg provides.

Note that this patch does not make --skipinteg the default.  In fact, 
given how long the options is, it is very unlikely that a user could 
every accidentally type it!  There is no difference in behaviour to the 
current "makepkg --source" unless the user specifically requests it. The 
patch just makes --skipinteg do what its name says;  skip integrity checks.


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