[pacman-dev] Provides/replaces fields and backup files

Nezmer arch at nezmer.info
Sat May 8 21:21:56 CEST 2010


Suppose package B replaces package A. Both packages share the same
content with minor differences. They both have many backup files with
the same initial content.

When package B replaces package A. Modified backup files will move to

What If pacman could check for initial content of the backup files for
both packages and If the content is the same, treat those backup files
as If the process is a package upgrade not a package replacement.

This is a real-life example. Packages A and B contain files like
"/etc/passwd" and "/etc/group". So not moving the files to ".pacsave"
adds more than a convenience for the lazy.

My C skills are next-to-zero so unfortunately I can't help coding this.

Do you consider this a valid minor bug?
Should I report this to flyspray?

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