[pacman-dev] Groups. Again.

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Sun Oct 3 23:46:56 EDT 2010

> Jakob Gruber wrote:
>> The repo name ( = db name) is passed to the 'Install whole content
>> from ...' callback but not to 'group ....:: Members: pkg1 pkg2'.
>> This results in the following output: http://pastebin.com/LpG0MKSc
>> This is a little inconsistent, but it's still clear what's going on
>> IMO. What do you think, is this acceptable?

So pasting the output here:

---start paste---
base-devel package not found, searching for group...
:: group base-devel:

Members (2): flex-2.5.35-4  make-3.82-2

:: Install whole content from group testing/base-devel? [Y/n]
:: group base-devel:

Members (9): autoconf-2.68-1  automake-1.11.1-1  bison-2.4.3-1 
fakeroot-1.14.4-2  gcc-4.5.1-1
              libtool-2.4-1  m4-1.4.15-1  patch-2.6.1-1  pkg-config-0.25-2

:: Install whole content from group core/base-devel? [Y/n]
---stop paste---

This is actually clearer than it used to be now that it includes the 
repo name in the query.  From memory, it used to ask if you wanted to 
install all packages from base-devel twice in situations like this.

I still wonder if it is possible to just have one query for this?  I 
seem to remember investigating that in the past and deciding it was 
beyond me but maybe with the new group code...

>> Found out yesterday evening that clyde handles new callback values
>> rather ungracefully. It aborts when it encounters unknown callback
>> enum values (see
>> http://github.com/Kiwi/clyde/blob/master//lualpm.c#L2032). It does
>> the same for all callback enums, pmtransevt, pmloglevel, ...
>> I opened an issue on their github site about it. This sucks, but I
>> think it's a bad decision by the clyde developers and should be
>> changed by them.

I agree that is a clyde problem and not something we should worry about.


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