[pacman-dev] Groups. Again.

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Sun Oct 3 23:49:00 EDT 2010

On 04/10/10 13:46, Allan McRae wrote:
>> Jakob Gruber wrote:
>>> The repo name ( = db name) is passed to the 'Install whole content
>>> from ...' callback but not to 'group ....:: Members: pkg1 pkg2'.
>>> This results in the following output: http://pastebin.com/LpG0MKSc
>>> This is a little inconsistent, but it's still clear what's going on
>>> IMO. What do you think, is this acceptable?
> So pasting the output here:
> ---start paste---
> base-devel package not found, searching for group...
> :: group base-devel:

One thing I just thought of.   If it is going to be separated by repo 
could that line say ":: group testing/base-devel" to improve clarity?

> Members (2): flex-2.5.35-4 make-3.82-2
> :: Install whole content from group testing/base-devel? [Y/n]
> :: group base-devel:
> Members (9): autoconf-2.68-1 automake-1.11.1-1 bison-2.4.3-1
> fakeroot-1.14.4-2 gcc-4.5.1-1
> libtool-2.4-1 m4-1.4.15-1 patch-2.6.1-1 pkg-config-0.25-2
> :: Install whole content from group core/base-devel? [Y/n]
> ---stop paste---
> This is actually clearer than it used to be now that it includes the
> repo name in the query. From memory, it used to ask if you wanted to
> install all packages from base-devel twice in situations like this.
> I still wonder if it is possible to just have one query for this? I seem
> to remember investigating that in the past and deciding it was beyond me
> but maybe with the new group code...

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